A Warehouse & The Crypto Trend


Ya, that happens to the most geek of us.

Having the curiosity to build a mini-machines-industry-like army of crypto miners, full of powerfull graphic cards, you will even not use it to play for it’s main essence: games.


But whenever, this brings some interesting money at the end. Bitcoins and similar cryptos are booming these last months (18+) and things are gettings... récompensatrice.

So here we are, money in the bank, associato-friends to build with, and a warehouse ready to use. (Warehouse I use as a multi project spot, I might do other write up about it).

Now let’s get started on that adventure.

First step: Getting a Sample Miner

So to get started and to learn fast, we took the decision to buy a second hand miner, on the Ebay français, leboncoin. We needed something already assembled with all components needed to get some inspiration from.

Here what it looked like:


Haha. Ok. It was a not a pretty system.

But everything was there to get started with:

  • A big power supply evga vega 1600w
  • A motherboard (h110 asrock) with 13 pcie to be able to link up to 13 graphic cards.
  • Pcie risers, to connect graphic card to the motherboard
  • A ssd with Simplemining installed, a software to monitor & overclock your graphic cards
  • A mining pool to collectively connect your miners to mine at a predictable pace your revenues
  • And.... Graphic cards! Rx570 8gb and Rx470 8gb

After one week we made like 0.03 ethereum per day, not much, but it scales.

Total: 140mh/s

Second step: custom building a miner rig

Now we’re fine; we understand the differents concepts and software we have to use.

So the plan is to build a second rig, in house.

We bought 13 graphics cards (rx570 8gb 95w), a h110 asrock motherboard and double power supply of 750w:


Total: 360mh/s + 140mh/s = 500mh/s

Third step: scaling the system

Now we are ready to scale the in-house built model.

Our goal was to reach 4000mh/s, that is for around 8 rigs:

  • 8x motherboards
  • 16x 750w/1500w power supplies
  • 8x CPU Core i3
  • 8x SSD 120gb
  • 80x risers
  • 80x graphic cards
  • 16x power strip

That's like already A LOT!

Here is the final system:


I had to tweak 12x RTX3080 cards because they were throttling power because of bad thermal dissipation:


That ass:


Mini RX570 ITX, yep we buy what is available, once timestrapped this work like a charm (Samsung chips 😍)


If only I could buy stuff in OEM instead of all this pill of boxes:


To be continued...