Gigabyte RTX 3080 Master Aorus 10g - Thermal Problems

So I bought 12x Gigabyte RTX 3080 Master Aorus 10g and I got severe thermal issues when mining with them.

This is the culprit:


Many RGB colors, useless screen... But the wonderful RTX3080 chipset!


Basically I got that result after some hours of running ethash (room temperature 23 degrees):


68.90mh/s! God damned! I was expecting 100mh/s from these monster cards.

Memory was throttling for sure, and reported memory was of 44 degrees?

Adding RAD on the backplate

First I tried the popular things on internet, to add small raspberry radiator on the back plate, but that did not changed the thermal throttling at all. I know some guys don't want to break the warranty, but I've heard that changing the thermal pads might not break the warranty with Gigabyte, but still not sure...

⇒ Not working

Adding Thermal Pads between the PCB and backplate

I also tried the second popular thing of adding thermal pad between the back of the PCB and the back plate, but it also did not changed something.

I even added a gigantic aluminium rad with a 140mm fan and it did not worked.

⇒ Not Working

Getting deeper

So I decided to modify one RTX3080 more deeply. Here are some pictures of the stock version:


The pads were very oily, looking very inefficient.


So after editing 12 cards here are the best thing for your card:

  • Change thermal pads of RAMs, use 1.5mm or 2mm (1.5mm are better for thermal conductivity)
  • Remove the Thermal Paste with Isopropyl alcohool 99% or Noctua NA-SCW1 + clean the oil on RAM with that
  • Use good quality thermal paste, best IMO is Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut
    • Cover the entire GPU with a thin layer of paste (don't just put a grain of rice of paste, this will over heat your GPU and make it crash)
  • Unlink the screen and the RGB, because they are useless and consuming around ~10W

Here is the stock pad vs 2mm Thermal Grizzly pads:


On that picture I decided to change thermal pads of Rams and VRM (as they stabilize power of Rams). But I do not advice you to do that. Just change the pads of Rams and let it like that for VRMs, because VRMs dissipate a lot of heat and again your card will throttle even with that monster Rad.


Here is the result with -600 CPU, +2000 Memory and 260w power limit:


And for fun I tried to overclock it as much as possible:


It's been 2 weeks that my 12 RTX 3080 runs amazingly with this mod.

Hope it helped you out on some points.